Performance Management

Performance Management

Performance management and development is a broad term used to describe the way your employee’s work performance, career and development needs are managed. It is a critical function of HRM. Its objective is to improve overall productivity and effectiveness by maximising individual performance and potential. Performance management is concerned with -

  • improving individual and collective performance;
  • communicating management's expectations to supervisors and staff;
  • improving communication between senior management, supervisors and staff;
  • assisting staff to enhance their career prospects through recognising and rewarding effective performance;
  • identifying and resolving cases of underperformance; and providing important links to other HRM functions, such as training.

In many organisations employees are the predominant cost and influence on profits. Being busy is not the same as producing results which in turns requires foresight, planning and feedback.

A Strategic Approach to Performance Management

Over the last number of years there has been a consolidation of the concept of performance management. The Recession has meant that many organisations are under increasing pressure to achieve performance improvements and maximise the contribution of every employee.

Many organisations have adopted a more strategic approach to managing performance which integrates individual objectives with those of the organisation and recognises and develops the capabilities of staff. There is a growing body of evidence which suggests that an increase in the performance levels of individuals will result in improved organisational performance.

The importance of performance management as a critical tenet of HR practice has been established over the last decade, with more and more organisations introducing a formalised system or upgrading a traditional approach.

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