Workplace Investigations

Being an employer is about much more than simply managing your organisation and your team. It brings with it a range of additional concerns, demands and responsibilities.

Investigations into Grievance and Disciplinary Matters

Undertaking investigations into grievance and disciplinary matters is incredibly demanding of management time and attention, and takes expertise and focus away from other core strategic functions.

Our HR professionals can offer help and support through.

  • Ensuring investigation / disciplinaries are handled sensitively and fairly and that the correct processes are followed
  • Assess risk at every stage and will know when to highlight any potential issue to you, so nothing happens that you are not aware of
  • Complete discretion and data protection of all cases
  • A tailored response to your individual needs, should this be a fact finding meeting, a review of you internal investigation or the requirement to hear an appeal

Conducting a Workplace Investigation

Edward Power Associates will work on your case with full priority and our commitment to complete the report within 30 days or less and produce a report that is concise and easy to read, with evidence that is logical and transparent.

HR Consulting & Training in Employment Law