Managing Conflict

Managing Conflict

Conflict is an inevitable part of work. We've all seen situations where people with different goals and needs have clashed, and we've all witnessed the often intense personal animosity that can result.

The fact that conflict exists, however, is not necessarily a bad thing. When you resolve it effectively, you can also eliminate many of the hidden problems that it brought to the surface.

Resolve Conflict Effectively - Conflict Management Course

This one-day Conflict Management Course has a mixture of theory and practical exercises designed to help you create more effective outcomes.

There are other benefits that you might not expect, such as:

  • Increased understanding. Going through the process of resolving conflict expands people's awareness, and gives them an insight into how they can achieve their goals without undermining others.
  • Better group cohesion. When you resolve conflict effectively, team members can develop stronger mutual respect, and a renewed faith in their ability to work together.
  • Improved self-knowledge. Conflict pushes individuals to examine their goals and expectations closely, helping them to understand the things that are most important to them, sharpening their focus, and enhancing their effectiveness.

But conflict can also be damaging. If you don't handle it effectively, it can quickly turn into personal dislike, teamwork can break down, and talent may be wasted as people disengage from their work and leave.

This workshop will help you:

  • Encourage collaborative problem solving and gain consensus
  • Diagnose conflict on your team
  • Identify your anger triggers and remain poised in conflict situations.

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